Ghilsaine Barthod

The Domaine Barthod-Noellat was founded when Gaston Barthod married into the Noellat family. Starting from the 1980s his daughter, Ghislaine, was trained thoroughly by her father, and by the early nineties, she was making her first wine. Probably there is no other winemaker who can so truly reflect all nuances of Chambolle terroir as Ghislaine Barthod. Her wines are pure enjoyment and are at their best when aged. Great variety of Chambolle wines represented by major seven plots. Flavors of cherry in Les Sentiers, a lively and fairly mineral wine, with a structure similar to that of Morey wines. Natural elegance and a cold character in the voluminous Les Charmes. Les Gruenchers is a confidential Premier Cru that shines with its airy finesse. Floral and ripe grape in Aux Beaux Bruns: an open wine, quite tender, with a looser and less acidic structure. Floral and delicate fruit in Les Véroilles, an unclaimed monopoly of the estate, a unique wine thanks to its freshness and endless persistence. Les Cras is the most classic Chambolle. Chapeau!