Laurent Roumier

Domaine Laurent Roumier is part of the estate division created in 1924 by his legendary grandfather George Roumier. In fact, Laurent is a cousin of Christophe Roumier who lives across Laurent’s house.

Long associated with his brother Herve, it is in 1991 that Laurent created his own estate with four hectares of vines in rent. Through new acquisitions, he now has significantly grown as Domaine and has excellent plots of Clos de Vougeot and Bonnes Mares alongside Chambolle 1 er Cru Les Charmes as flagships of the Domaines. The vineyards of Domaine Laurent Roumier, mainly composed of old vines of an average age of 35-40 years, are worked in a traditional way, in the same way as did his own father,  Alain. 

Laurent Roumier cultivates his vines in a completely natural way without fertilizer or herbicide. The winemaking is done in the old style, which gives the wines exceptional aromas. The harvest is done manually and carefully.

Laurent’s wines are beatiful reflection of the terroir and with some aging may beat top wines in blind tastings. Very elegant traditional style.