Pierre Girardin

Still in his early 20s, Pierre-Vincent Girardin is already catching the attention of leading critics and wine aficionados around the world. If you haven’t already, it is high time you familiarise yourself with this rising star and the wonderful wines of Domaine Pierre Girardin, a name that will surely be a driving force long into Burgundy’s future.  

Working side by side with his father since childhood, Pierre, a winemaker in the 13th generation, developed his craft and gained a deep understanding of the terroir. This helped him produce some impressive wines straight away with his first vintage in 2017. Pierre-Vincent has supplemented the domaine vineyards with long-term contracts with what he regards as some of the top and most interesting growers in the region.

We regard Domaine Pierre Girardin as a true up-and-coming producer. His ultra-modern winery is impressive. While quality has already been established and we are privileged to observe how performance track record will develope over years.